Health Benefits Associated With Martial Arts

Starting a martial arts journey as a young child or as an adult can provide a variety of benefits. Beyond its ability to increase health and fitness, it can also instill a sense of ethics and achievement as you make your way through the different belts. Signing up for a class of mixed martial arts, Jiu Jitsu and grappling, or kickboxing is a great activity for most people even for those with no previous experience.

Plus, this type of physical activity is great for children because it is not only a great exercise, but because it is fun and exciting. Part of the training relates to discussing lifestyle habits and diet, so the children are more likely to adopt these healthy habits in later life.

Here are six reasons why it can benefit to get involved:

Complete body workout

Any form of martial arts is very active and gives a complete aerobic workout that makes use of virtually every muscle in the body. This can help to improve the health by increasing the strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone and stamina.

Self confidence

A martial arts training program includes respect for values, positive encouragement and goal setting which can over time help to encourage and grow self-confidence. This can give the extra confidence in a variety of situations, such as those that take you out of your comfort zone to situations where you might feel you are in danger.

Cardiovascular health

A regular session of any form of activity that stresses the heart, such as martial arts, can help to improve the cardiovascular health. Building your cardiovascular has the ability to not only improve the body, but also helps with stress and anxiety.


Weight loss

Martial arts have the potential to help with weight loss with a single 60 minute session having the potential to burn up to 500 calories.

Improved reflexes

Physical activities help improve your reflexes, which is not only useful for increasing the ability to perform well at this activity, but also makes the reaction times faster for everyday activities like driving.

Better mood

Research has shown that those involved in regular exercise find it much easier to improve their mood. Martial arts are useful for relieving frustration and stress, while also leaving you feeling a lot happier. Also, the endorphins that are released during exercise can quickly increase the mood and stay in the body for nearly four hours after exercising.

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