Three Levels of Martial Arts Secrets

All students want to know the secrets of the martial arts. There's got to be martial arts secrets behind all those blocks and strikes, right? Well, it may be tough for some people to handle, but this article is going to point you in the direction of those hidden gems that only the mightiest of the martial arts masters know.

One out of a thousand people who begin a study of the martial arts get a black belt. This is a sad commentary, and does not speak highly of the various styles, and especially of their teachers. So only one in a thousand people have gone to the top of their art and found the truth of the various taekwondo secrets and karate secrets.

Out of the thousand people who reach black belt, only one can be considered a real black belt. A real black belt (one in a million) is one who has 'matured,' which is the actual meaning of the word 'Dan,' which word signifies the levels of black belt. To mature means to give up the desire to fight, to stop being foolish, to take responsibility for what one does, and this is the indication that somebody actually understands the first level of mystery in the various types of martial arts.

Now, the story goes strange, for out of the people who learn the external arts to this high level, only one out of a thousand will study another art to the point of understanding that arts mysteries! This is the next stage of the martial arts mysteries: wudan kung fu secrets and aikido secrets. That's one in a billion who will actually pursue their dream to the point of understanding both the hard and the soft sides of the martial arts!

Now, of those billion people, only one in a thousand--that's right, one in a trillion--will finally understand the truth of the fighting disciplines. This means overcoming the slant and taint of school and system and such and actually perceiving the true physics inherent in the martial arts. The actual physics are described by such laws as 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, but they develop into 'For every action there is a source point.'

Interestingly, one would assume that Wudan based arts, or Aikido, or that ilk, would teach second level physics. Unfortunately, though one does see isolated incidents of individual achievement, the arts themselves are biased and slanted. Just as a person who thinks he is the only one... isn't, so do arts which hold themselves up as the only one... are not.

Interestingly, and here is the crux of the problem, of the few people who do become capable, and who do manifest the second level of physics, none understand it. They teach through mysticism, you see, and do not offer concrete science for explaining what they are doing and why. For there to be a true art there must be a science, a system backed up by a method which works every time, and which leads one through and to solid manifestation of the second level of physics.

So one in a thousand actual learns an art, and one in a million actually becomes an artist, and one in a billion actually can do something which is mystical, which means they can do something which follows certain rules, but they have no idea what the rules are. And only one in a trillion has penetrated through to the third level of martial arts secrets. And if you want the secrets, study one art until you understand it, complement it with a second art until you understand it, then find the person who understands the science behind what you are doing, that is the only and true way to find out those fabulous martial arts secrets.

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