Patience With Learning

Patience with learning (All techniques take a while to do "correctly").

There is a lot of talk with this generation wanting instant gratification and while this is definitely apparent at times, most students understand that it will take a while and don't mind working towards something.

It is also important to understand that some techniques and concepts will just be more natural and come quicker and to keep in mind that when something doesn't come fast, it just means you have to be patient.

However, do not believe anyone who tells you that you can be a self defense expert in a short amount of time or that their system is superior so that you can learn without wasting a lot of time (as the saying goes "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing").

Generally, the first move I teach is the horsestance punch. Now your first horestance punch is a lot different than your 1000th and that 1000th punch is a lot different than your 10,000th. A common mistake that I see with students is their mindset of "I think I'm doing it correctly so now I'm ready for something new," not realizing that "learning how to do a technique is not actually practicing that technique, you can only practice a technique once you've learned how to do it correctly." There are many details with every move and yes, you could technically "do" a horsestance punch the very first class. But it is doubtful that your stance, your hand position, your posture, your power, etc. is great.

As techniques become more difficult, you will find that it takes longer and longer to just learn to do that technique correctly and of course there are always those techniques that will come quickly because you can do it naturally and other techniques that will take even longer because they don't come naturally.

As the saying goes "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" Front kicks aren't that special because most people can do them without much practice (although a great front kick takes some time).

Often times students are so concerned with doing a spinning or jumping technique, that they don't worry about improving their basics. They don't realize (even when told) that their more advanced techniques aren't developing because their basics are lousy.

So be patient and enjoy the "fun" of overcoming obstacles, once you do you will build confidence and go into your next endeavor with a better mindset. After a while this effect snowballs and you are unstoppable (if you want to be).

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